Christine Cyriacks Acupuncture is a wellness center that specializes in the holistic practices of Chinese medicine. I am a natural medicine practitioner who can help you to diagnose your symptoms, and create an effective, personalized plan to treat them using advanced alternative medicine and integrative health solutions.

My medicine makes use of herbs to give you a relaxing treatment for your body and soul that you cannot find at a conventional medical center. My herbal therapy makes use of traditional Chinese medicine practices western culture has forgotten, to give you a treatment that will make you feel truly at peace. Among these are moxibustion, a treatment that involves using heat in conjunction with acupuncture to treat particularly painful conditions.

If you are interested in seeking paths to a healthier, more energized and more fulfilled life, contact me at Christine Cyriacks Acupuncture in New York, NY. My alternative medicine clinic is dedicated to the well-being of my patients. Call me today!